Repairs to your Macintosh Computer


Welcome to Imac Repair Plymouth, here we fix all vintage Apple Macintosh computers. Vintage meaning any Mac out of warrantee.


We can give your slow mac a service.
This will not only speed up your Mac, but gives me a chance to overview the way you use your Mac, the way you set it up and offer best practice and App advice.

WANTING A NEW MAC? YOU COULD SAVE UP TO A WHOPPING 6% on buying your new Mac through us.
That often pays for home setup..


We fix broken screens
We fix no power issues.
We fix slow Macs
We fix and offer tuition on better use of your Macintosh.

Are you a Photographer or Video creator ? Are you taking the correct steps to backup your client and or important data?

N.A.S Backup
We can offer advice on, the type of N.A.S to get, help you correctly setup your N.A.S.
One of the many benefits of a N.A.S is the way it spreads your data over the many drives give it speed and data redundancy.

Plymouth Macbook Repair
Macbook repair undertaken in workshop